Advisory Board is proud to feature its world-class Advisory Board. Each has had a profound impact on me personally and the direction of this website. The common thread is that each member is a proponent of health wellness and is rooted in natural solutions to all health problems.

Andrea Purcell, NMD

Dr. Purcell has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. She received her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, a premier accredited four-year medical institution that specializes in the advancement of integrative medicine. Dr. Purcell is licensed as a natural medical doctor in both Arizona and California and specializes in natural integrative medicine.

Bob Berger, MS, MVSc, Ph.D

Bob Berger holds degrees from the Universities of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), Tennessee (Knoxville), and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), where he also completed his Post-Doctoral training. He is Editor-In-Chief/President of Nutricula Publishings and Co-Founder of The Health Factory Farm and

Brad Douglass, Ph.D

Brad J. Douglass earned B.S. degrees in Psychobiology and Computer Science, an M.S. in Regulatory Science and a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the University of Southern California. His past research has focused on the discovery of drugs, the delivery of therapeutics to the brain, and the production of pharmaceuticals. He is currently an active speaker and opinion leader in the area of dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and preventive medicine.

Buddy Ojeda, CN

Certified Nutritionist, health educator and the president/owner of Training Solutions on Demand, an education-broker services company serving the Natural Products Industry. He is a graduate of American Health Science University in Colorado, where he earned his diploma as a Certified Nutritionist (CN) in 2000. He has an extensive background in health and education dating back to 1996, when he first embarked on a career in the field of natural health.

Erin Macdonald, RD

Erin Macdonald has been a Registered Dietitian for 16 years. She has been in private practice (Complete Wellness, NOW!) for 11 years, specializing in Adult and Pediatric Weight Management, Sports, Cardiovascular, Wellness, Pregnancy, Infant and Child nutrition, and Corporate Wellness. She is the President and co-founder of U Rock Girl! – a health and wellness website for women, providing information, products, and services to nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

Grant Henderson

Formerly a world-class bodybuilder, he has been a fitness magazine cover model for every major publication and a National Bodybuilding Champion. Currently, he is an Account Executive for a prominent Los Angeles-based dietary supplement company. Grant relies on a comprehensive nutrition and supplement regimen to support his athletic, professional and personal endeavors.

James Force, ASTC

Enlisted in the ARMY in 1998 where his training included jump school. He was stationed in FT. Bragg, NC as part of the 82nd Airborne Division. In 1990-1991, Jamie spent 8 months in Saudi Arabia and Iraq in support of Operation Desert Storm. He became a member of the Coast Guard in 1993 and was trained as a helicopter Rescue Swimmer. This mentally and physically demanding career path took his fitness level and knowledge of functional fitness to a new level.

Mark Kaylor, Ph.D

While pursuing his doctoral studies in sociology, Mark’s life took an abrupt and significant turn. A part-time job in a health food store began a series of life discoveries and career changes, awakening a passion for holistic health and healing. From this point on he began exploring in depth, as he does to this day, a diverse array of healing practices and traditions from around the world. From a Cherokee reservation to the Amazon rainforest to mountains in China, his studies have lead him to develop a truly holistic practice and approach to health and healing incorporating many traditions, styles, and modalities.

Mark D Maraist – Founder and President – Tranquilo Enterprises

Mark, a CPA licensed in the state of Florida, is an entrepreneur, an experienced corporate finance executive, and has been an active exercise enthusiast since his early teens. He has held several senior positions with both multi-billion international companies such as Tyco International and Compass Group PLC as well as entrepreneurial businesses such as Bravo Brands. He has extensive food/beverage and health food supplement experience. Mark, a native Floridian, enjoys his time as a father and is passionate about exercising, particularly weight lifting. He obtained both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Florida. He has maintained intensive physical shape through the years, runs a very respectable mile and can bench well over 300 lbs.

Martie Whittekin, CCN

Ms. Whittekin hosts a nationally-syndicated radio talk show and is the author of 2 books: Natural Alternatives to Nexium, Maalox, Tagamet, Prilosec & Other Acid Blockers and Aloe Vera: Modern Science Sheds Light on an Ancient Herbal Remedy. She lectures to professional as well as lay groups and is a frequent guest onhealth radio and TV programs. Martie is a former natural products retailer and was President of NNFA during crucial phases of the fight to pass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

Michael Maraist, MD – Co Founder and Chief Medical Officer – Tranquilo Enterprises

Dr. Maraist is board-certified in both neurology and sleep medicine. He completed his undergraduate work, medical school training, residency, and sleep medicine fellowship at the University of Florida in
Gainesville, Florida. He is a native Floridian and father of three, happily married to his wife of 16 years. Dr. Maraist has always believed in the use of scientific-based medicine combined with creative ingenuity to treat “the whole person” when he cares for his patients. This was the approach used in development of the Tranquilo formula.

Parris Kidd, Ph.D

Dr. Parris Kidd earned his BSc in Zoology at the University of the West Indies magna cum laude and his PhD in cell biology at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1983 he entered alternative medicine and by 1985 had co-authored a landmark textbook on antioxidants. Since then Dr. Kidd has been consistently in the forefront of advances in integrative medicine. He has written extensively on HIV/AIDS and immunity, published numerous comprehensive peer-reviewed articles in the journal Alternative Medicine Review.

Paz Eilat, MD

Paz Eilat is an internist who has been practicing medicine for more than 15 years. He earned his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Cal State Long Beach in Chemistry, his medical degree from Albert Szent Gyorgyi in Hungary and did his residency at Nevada Medical School. Dr Eilat is a health advocate who has an integrated approach to his practice and frequently recommends natural solutions, including dietary supplements, to his patients. He is currently practicing in Torrance, California.

Sherrill Sellman, ND

Dr. Sellman is a Naturopathic Doctor (Board Certified in Integrative Medicine),is an educator, women’s natural health expert, psychotherapist and journalist in the field of women’s health. She is also, a much sought after international lecturer, host of two women’s weekly radio shows, senior editor and contributing writer to numerous health publications. Dr. Sellman is the best-selling author of Hormone Heresy: What Women MUST Know, What Women MUST Know to Protect Their Daughters from Breast Cancer, The Return of the Ancient Seed and The Promise of hCG :How to Banish Fat, Resculpt Your Body and Rebalance Your Metabolism.