Exercise Literally Saved My Life!

I had no idea what lie ahead on that fateful day in late March 2011. I went to work that day just like I had been doing the past 10 years. I worked in the natural products industry. I loved my job. I felt fulfilled by my job in health. However, at the end of the day, I was without a job. The economic downtime was in full swing. And I was the latest casualty. What was I going to do? I had 4- and 6-year-old boys. My wife wasn’t working. And I had a mortgage that was suffocating. One month later, I realized the inevitable. My marriage was in disrepair. It had been so bad for so long. I left … [Read more...]

Is 50 the New 30? Make Age Your Ally!

Does getting older mean that it is only a matter of time before you start to experience certain age-related difficulties? It doesn't have to be that way. In fact, as the cliché goes; "with age comes wisdom". I remember when I was growing up, my parents made every effort to feed me nutritious foods and make me aware of eating healthy. However, with youthful exuberance comes youthful ignorance. I had a tendency to have my parents' very sound advice go in one ear and out the other. I pretended to listen, but often what I was being told by them fell on deaf ears. So how did I come around? Well, … [Read more...]

Stressed Out… Go for a Run!

The U.S is at war, the economy is in the tank and the American population struggles with obesity. Those sure aren’t bright prospects, are they? How do I personally deal with this kind of stress? I go for a run! You heard me right. I lace up my shoes and head out to “The Strand” a surfside path in Hermosa Beach, California, where all my problems go away. I can say with conviction – it makes me “right” like you can’t believe! I’m like so many people – I’m a family man raising 2 little boys (a 4- and 6-year-old) trying to make ends meet in a day and age where it is progressively more … [Read more...]

Exercise Is a Privilege!

As I try to formulate my thoughts for this article, I sit here at my computer recovering from my 95th marathon. I'm sore and in recovery mode.  However, I'm thinking how lucky I am to be able to participate in marathons, triathlons and other endurance-related events. I am often guilty of taking these events and the associated training for granted. After all, at 50 years of age, with preparation, I am physically able to complete these events — and I have done so for almost 30 years. What's my secret? Well, it's twofold: First, I have access to the very best nutrition and supplements. And … [Read more...]